Custom-Built for the Supply Chain

PALIoT Technology shines a light on previously inaccessible parts of the supply chain 

Problems Solved


IoT sensors have never been deployed in high volumes in a long-life asset pool because the battery would always fail before the asset’s useful life comes to an end. PALIoT is the first pallet pooling business in the world to manage a rental pool with sensors in every single pallet. After 10 years the sensor and the asset are both retired and recycled.


The technology ensures that PALIoT’s assets are locatable at all times enabling rigorous asset protection and timely retrieval of out-of-network pallets. Customers can monitor their rental pallets even after shipping product to Retail customers.


The pallet is a natural product and is repurposed at end of life. The Integrated Module is also disassembled, and the parts are harvested for recycling.


PALIoT’s unique combination of communications technologies arrives at a module cost suitable for mass deployment in every single pallet. Future iterations of the Integrated Module will further reduce the cost of each sensor.


PALIoT does not have an existing pool of assets in the field requiring a prohibitively costly technology retrofit. Every single one of our pallets is manufactured with an Integrated Module on board.


A lighter pallet with a certified Carbon Methodology, and each mile tracked by the Integrated Module, generates a fractional ton of Carbon savings. The more pallets in PALIoT’s asset pool, the greater the benefit to the environment.


PALIoT Integrated Module

PALIoT embeds a proprietary sensor in every pallet and customers can easily track their product and inventory levels with the click of a mouse. PALIoT has an exclusive global license to the mist® Mesh Networking protocol so all the assets speak to each other, all the time, within a military-grade security framework. In combination with an LTE Cat M1 cellular modem, GPS, RFID and separate 1D Barcode and QR code (laser etched on the pallet exterior), the asset rental ‘cycle’ and its specific communication needs are completely covered.

Location Tracking

Asset retrieval is streamlined, and losses and theft are dramatically reduced.  Every asset benefits from optimized utilization.

Humidity and Temperature

Customers access specific product environmental data to monitor distribution quality, improving shelf life and eliminating spoilage and waste.


Poor handling can damage a customer’s product and underperforming carriers in the supply chain can now be identified. 

Carbon Credits Generated

Every mile traveled results in additional Carbon Credits generated and customers can access their specific Carbon portfolio through PALIoT to improve their overall Carbon footprint metrics.


PALIoT’s mesh network communication protocol.


For integration downstream in existing Customer / Retailer systems.


Identifies a specific location should a pallet travel out-of-network.


Out-of-network communication of all relevant pallet data.


PigeonHQ Pool Management Platform

PigeonHQ is PALIoT’s proprietary software that manages the pool of assets and coordinates the hardware and data flow with the scalable AERON Cloud Engine in the back-end. PigeonHQ is also the critical interface for customers as well as transportation and warehousing partners. PigeonHQ knows where the assets are, what’s happening to the product being shipped and when the assets are ready to be retrieved, cleaned and re-rented.


Clarity throughout the pallet rental cycle

Existing pallet rental models have not seen any great changes in decades. They are low-tech, inefficient, exploitative and confusing to customers. PALIoT’s pallet tracking technology disrupts the old way of doing business and improves transparency from the point of order to the time the pallet is collected for re-rental. Additionally, PALIoT’s simplified pricing model is intuitive and reduces the internal resources required by customers to manage their pallet rental vendors.